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What's The Point of Critique? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By julian, Eugene, OR

To whom it may concern,
There are many aspects of Teen Ink that I cherish. For example, I enjoy reading the brilliant submissions that are promoted on the site. I appreciate being able to write about anything that is on my mind, and getting feedback from like-minded individuals. I also love giving critique to writers who need it, and I enjoy getting feedback on my writing in return. There’s only one problem. What is the point of giving critique to users if the writers can’t actually utilize it?

I get lots of wonderful critique on my writing, and yet I am unable to do anything with the feedback, besides deleting the piece and resubmitting it with the revisions. Then I would have to wait several weeks before it goes online, and when that happens, I would have to start all over in the process of getting people to read, comment, and rate the piece.

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