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Monotonous Twilight by BendingBookshelves

By Ninasplaylist, Covington, LA

I read this book when it first came out at the recommendation of my Librarian. I read it quickly and found it to be full of purple prose, 2-d lack luster characters, flat plot line, "useless" vocabulary, and grammar mistakes left and right. Stephenie Meyer spends pages writing about how the kitchen table looks like instead of deeply describing her characters. She goes on to describe how the forest looks in the middle of a battle scene (this happens later in the series). She harps on the smallest of details that are utterly insignificant to the scene. Stephenie Meyer is proud to call this book part of a saga, but she clearly doesn't know what a saga is. SAGA: a long narrative of Heroic achievement. Please tell me what is so heroic about a vampire falling in love with a human. It has happened hundreds of times before, hundreds.

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