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The execution

By monkeyface, Reno, NV

“All rise.” The King shouted and everyone obeyed without a second thought. I stood too, holding on to my shield. My arm was sore; I’d been holding the blasted thing all morning. After this I had sword practice, it was going to be a long day. The King spoke again, “everyone this man, he was caught doing something completely unacceptable.” He paused to take in the looks on everyone’s faces. “This young man, Thomas Brandy was caught stealing gold from none other than the mighty King himself.” The king spoke in a gruff voice, but it softened as he mentioned himself. Gasps filled the audience and some people booed and threw stuff at the boy. I looked at the boy, he was young indeed. They used him as a slave, clean up. It wasn't his fault. I had seen executions many times but this one was different. I felt for this boy, I was young once, I was granted a second chance.

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