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September 23, 2011

Meg O., Troy, MI By not.that.girl, Troy, MI

You know who they are. They live among you. Learn among you. Exist. You may not know they are there, or else, you are blindly incapable of recognizing just who exactly they are. I hate them, personally. I'll bet you hate them, too. Or at least, most of them.

The boys of Them are all right. They tend to act like Abercrombie models. Sitting around, almost posing, with a look somewhere between bored and sexy plastered on their faces. Or they argue about shoes. Either way, it's the girls that you have to watch out for.

Their girls are the ones who pollute our existence with obnoxious froufrou skirts and Ugg boots. You deny them. Or at least, you pretend to, just to make yourself believe that you're cool enough to ignore them. Because it's hard.

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