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Human Nature

Samuel B., Summerville, SC By MagusEceerb, buttville, SC

I was raised as a Southern Baptist Christian, and I hold to those same beliefs today. However I have a slightly different opinion on morality then most Southern Baptists would have. I think that, due to our physicality in part and partly due to what I believe is something more, that human nature is essentially the same throughout unless there is some kind of dysfunction in one's physicality (brain disorder, psychological problems, schizophrenia, etc). I think that, for those of us who are in control of our mental faculties, our nature is generally the same, and it is actually the world that impacts how individual we are. Everybody's life is so incredibly different, from the larger aspects like race and religion and location, to the small things that happen to you. It is not statistically or logically possible for one person to have experienced the same exact experiences as someone else.

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