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change comes .. reality .

By cortdb, tallmadge, OH

as a child, you think that things will always be the same . your peers always say , "theres a point in life, where everything changes" . you think to yourself , nu'uh , things will always be like this . she will always be my best-friend , she will always be my role model , he will always be the poster on my wall , we'll always wear the same thing , we'll always eat the same , my grades will always be great . but change comes .. and change comes unexpectidely . you won't be ready for it . especially high school . you loose your best friends , and make new . you gain enemies , and you drop few. your grades go almost as crazy as your mind . and when you think nothing more can change , someone gets pregnant , or someone over doses on drugs . then that night on the news , you see a kid commited suicide because he couldn't handle being bullied one more day .

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