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Blood Red (Based on Red Riding Hood)

By Smile-And-Wave-Boys., Rotherhithe, United Kingdom

Its eyes glowed like fresh embers, boring into me. Its cold, beastlike intelligence sent a cold shiver down my spine. I could see it contemplating on whether to kill me now, or save me for later. I wasn’t sure, but I had a feeling it wasn’t the latter. A snarl rumbled deep from its stomach; harsh, searching for any signs of weakness. Cold sweat trickled down my back. Sensing this, it padded forward on its paws; slow, easy - taking its time.
And then,
It decided to strike…

I woke up with a sheen of sweat on my forehead, my breath coming in short, low gasps. Just a dream.
An unbelievably vivid, highly traumatic dream.

I sighed. I was sorely tempted to burrow into my duvet and forget everything, and everyone, but I knew that wasn’t possible.

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