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I Lost a Star

By shonalouisa, Preston, United Kingdom

Today, I lost a star. I don't quite know how. It seems I got distracted by something shiny, momentarily beautiful, and then turned back to find it had slipped through the cracks between my fingers. I was sure it would turn up somewhere; wedged down the side of the sofa, nestled under a pile of discarded laundry. Misplaced, surely, like the inevitable discovery of car keys in the same place which had been searched three times before; looking but not really seeing. I comforted myself with these little weaknesses of human perception, all the while blissfully ignorant of the vastness of my own blind spot.

Days past and word about my lost star spread like Californian wildfires. People gathered and accumulated, well-spoken ladies with floral trolley bags and deep sad eyes, young children in their Sunday best, filled with curiosity and a thousand questions.

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