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If I Could Change the World This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Patrick L., Overland Park, KS

     It's unlikely that any of us will be the next Mother Teresa and only a few will have enough power to do big things in this world, but I believe that I can change the world by volunteering to help the less fortunate in my area.

Many do community service, but there is always more to do. Many volunteers help the poor through organizations, and some do it privately. Groups like Harvesters stage food drives for the homeless and poor. The Red Cross and Salvation Army also collect donations to distribute to the underprivileged. These organizations do great things to help those in need.

I plan to participate in more community service projects. I've already helped at Harvesters, and done yard work for the elderly who can no longer do it themselves. Sadly, most of my experience was required, not because I wanted to help society.

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