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October 6, 2011

Emily C., Southboro, MA By emilyjean, Southboro, MA

The innocence is her hair.
Flowing like a flag on a windy day,
Untouched by curling irons.

The innocence is her eyes,
Blue, bold, and beautiful.
It hasn’t been covered in make-up
Or drowned by tears.

The innocence is her smile,
Laughing at everything around her.
The sides of her mouth form a curve
Because she wants to. Not just to show
that she isn’t weak.

The innocence is her clothes,
Being able to wear anything she wants
Without being judged.
Her closet with only flowery dresses,
Is soon to be filled with “must have” trends.

The innocence is her.
Ignorant to society,
Knowing little about the future
Yet to come.


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