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Memories on a Hanger

By Heiwa, Coventry, United Kingdom

I reach out for you,
For all I have left of you...
A representation of your golden heart,
Your golden smile,
Your life.
A life hung by a hanger,
A lifeless story
Lingering in my memories.

I feel the silky touch of your satin gown,
The only treasure you left me...
I can still smell your favourite perfumes
Buried in the fibres...
You were buried.

I remember when its colour was so vibrant;
The day we met...
Its golden shade was a fitting reflection,
Of your perfection...
It was love at first sight.

And now the colour is gradually fading,
Like you;
Like us.
It's been ripped and frayed and worn out...
But worn.

It was worn by you.

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