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How I Changed for the Better

By winton, Brooklyn, NY

The October issue of Teen Ink holds many articles; the bulk of which are horror works. But “How I Changed for the Better,” by Jonathan D, is a true story that deals with a different type of fear; the realization that what we say can and does push people to the edge.

Jonathan starts out as many of us are or were; a kid who didn’t really seem to think that anything he did could cause anyone anguish. However, when he receives a seminar on bullying from a parent whose child had committed suicide, Jonathan suddenly realizes all the deadly words he had said in the past. He desperately hopes that he would have stood up for the boy who killed himself, but he knows better. When the lecture finally ends, Jonathan walks out of it changed, with a new perspective on what is harmless. He realizes that no matter how inconsequential he may think his words are, to another they could be fatal.

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