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Changing School Lunches

By Kate878, West Windsor, NJ

Currently, in public schools, the cafeteria food is insanely unhealthy, with fries, fried chicken, oily pizza, and other fast food "specials". Not only is the food incredibly high in fat and oil, but it even poses danger. Two years ago, during the school year, the stomach flu spread throughout nearly the entire student population. What was the cause? People believe that that the mozzarella sticks from the school lunch.

In order to improve the health of Americans, we need to begin with cafeteria lunches because they not only have immediate effects on health, but they completely impact the future habits of students. People are constantly complaining about the weight of Americans, but countless people overlook school lunches, and don't recognize them as a problem. The government needs to improve the quality of these everyday meals; just adding a few carrots that kids toss in the trash on their way to their seats is not sufficient.

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