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The Thug Life

By Ima_G, arvada, CO

Tupac Shakur has passed away, yet his music wonders through our restless world. He may have been an amazing rapper, but he wasn’t a very good citizen. He got into a lot of trouble. The words “thug life” was tattooed on his stomach. He was also shot and robbed when he was trying to record on another rappers album. Although, being put through many injuries, he survived that incident. Tupac got found guilty for a sexual abuse charge. He was sentenced 1 ½ - 4 ½ years in prison. You now im sure Tupac wasn’t intentionally involved in the thug life. Some people choose to be in the thug life, but some people are also chosen. A lot of people are also chosen. A lot of people are forced to be in a gang by other gang members. Before Tupac Shakur was taken to his sell he made the statement “A gift straight up, this is god’s will.” Tupac did get himself im a lot of trouble, he tried to get god to forgive him for his sins.

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