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Elegant Sound This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Anonymous, Centerville, MN

I'm a hitchhiker between dimensions. While we don't have the resources to escape our often stressful and repetitive existence, we can afford to take the occasional vacation. Between these fantastic worlds exist pathways, most of which don't come without consequences. My route starts and ends on the ethereal waves of what I like to call “elegant sound.”

Music is my drug. Massive headphones and stereo systems inject me with it day in and day out. After it journeys down my ear canals and reaches my head, it sinks through to my nerves, veins, bones, muscles, and organs. With the power of harmonies and melodies, music allows us to stroll down a primrose path (if only for a moment).

I love those moments in a song when the sound hits me in just the right spot and the music and I practically become one.

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