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Southern Peach

By Miki-chan, Waynesboro, MS

Blythe Longfellow was gathering wood for the stove. The year was 1889. She lived in the small town of Whistle Stop, Mississippi, and while she usually felt she was melting from the famous southern heat, she was feeling chilled to the bone. She had reason to be: it was the beginnings of a dread filled winter. Her brother had traveled to New England for business and came back with a Farmer's Almanac. Unfortunately, it said that it was going to be a bad winter for Southern Mississippi, really bad. And the almanac was hardly ever wrong. So she hurried, picking up plenty of good sized sticks. When she all she could carry, she scurried back to her cottage. As she loaded the wood into the stove, she heard a loud rumble. She shut the oven door, then looked out a nearby window. She saw nothing, so she stepped back, and started back to the stove.

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