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Ursula Part 2

By xxapophisxx, Bettencourt, MI

They worshipped us. Every person in my school wished they were me. People dressed like me, wearing black jeans and and t-shirts. No one in my high-school listened to rap or pop music. Everyone was a fan of my band, Ursula. Within weeks of the release of our first album, people came into school wearing Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Deftones t-shirts. Rock and Metal music were all of a sudden the coolest things that had ever hit our school. And it was all because of our band.
Jimmy sends me several texts saying that I need mental help and I’m insane. Good for him, I think. He finally figured it out.
One day, I walked to my next class and saw Ashlin. I rarely see her, nowadays. And when I do, she can’t look me in the eye. This time is no different. She just stands by her locker with her friends, who at one point didn’t know I existed and are now saying “hi” to me as if we are best friends.

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