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The View from Up Here

October 27, 2011

By Celeste_N., Balch Springs, TX

Climbing to the top was
not a goal. It wasn't even
part of the plan. I climbed
a 100 feet everyday. As
I get closer, the feeling in
my stomach rises. I know
there is something at the
top. I just know it.

Before climbing this enormous
mountain, I was part of the
earth between your toes, the
water that touched your lips,
the voice inside your head.
I was everything to you.
I was everything you needed
to survive. And nobody knew.
Just me.

But today, at this very
moment, I will accomplish
the impossible. I will see
the special surprise at the
top. The view from up here
will be everything I imagined.
It will be a giant step to
the rest of my life.

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