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Just a Phone Call Away

By Victoria.S, Dallas, TX

My heart was pounding, as I reached for the phone, the same conversation occurred only this time it was different. Images kept flashing in my mind, bright and vivid. There, a thin and bony hand dangled a thin grey string. The other held a pair of newly sharpened, red handled scissors. Slowly she reached farther, farther, and then finally. SNIP! The string was cut. I felt a sharp pain in my heart, then I wake up.

I kept having this dream, starting when I was three. I remember running as fast as my little legs could carry me, into my parents room, nestling between them. The next time I had the dream I was eight, on a camping trip with my father. After screaming for thirty minutes straight we had to come home. Then now, present day, thirteen years of age. I was now old enough to accept it. I knew it would never come true… but I was wrong.

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