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No hope for the lonely

By jruth, Washington DC, DC

Standing on the corner
Of streets forever
and alone
The only face I'll ever see
Will simply be my own
Although this world is full
of people and of love
My existence will never be embraced
But only harshly shoved
In the middle of the crowd
I surrender my deepest thoughts
But no one glances my way
No one sees how much I'm fraught
Those high and mighty walls
That I built so long ago
I pushed everyone away
Now my standards are hence low
From this hole
In which I stand
I see the world
It shines so grand
All around me
I see only dirt
Some thrown at me
Some my own hurt
I look through the gap of hope
Wondering when I'll be free
But then I scorn my self for wishing
Knowing no one will hear my plea

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