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Dear You,

By meamsusan, Walnut, CA

I wish you wonderful dreams. I hope you go to bed tired and wake fully energized. I hope only the greatest days, friends, teachers, and encounters are waiting for you at school. I wish that you wouldn’t have to be so confused about anything anymore, I wish you courage. I would give you mine, but I’m afraid I do not have enough even for myself. I wish you good luck and prosperity and an ivy league college to make your parents smile. But if that doesn't work out, I wish that you know it doesn't say anything about you. I wish you creativity and passion. I hope you have the type of days that challenge you and excite you, and I hope that you always know that you belong. I hope that you take lessons learned the right way. I hope that you make better choices than I have so far, and know to never take things for granted. I hope that you haven’t decided to be a optimist or a pessimist yet.

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