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The Colors of Our Life

October 31, 2011

By intothe-ocean, Ft Myers, FL

Pink and red
Blue and black
Black and brown
Me minus you
They just don’t work
Don’t go together
Like a remote without the batteries
The “you”, without me
Sounds wrong
It’s “Us”
Us together
Like pink and blue
Blue and red
And black and white
We’re telling our stories
The photos of our lives
Shots of color
Sparks of red
Sharp traces of orange
Black where we disagree
Gray where we almost quit
White to cover over it
To create a canvas
For a new beginning
To softest shades of pink
For the softest of our kisses
Blazing streams of fire
In place of our passionate moments
The colors of our lives
Will never be dull
At least we know they’ll be interesting
If not bright all the time
The brightest of all the stars that shine white
Is the guide to the colors that display our life


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