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elements of life

By taylor1226, hilliard, OH

luck can get you far,
not as far as a car,
love can have you on cloud nine,
though it is not as fine as wine,
justice is honorable,
but not as honorable as a noble death,
death is depressing,
watching the one you love die even more so,
sometimes love and luck are all you've got,
friends are like family,
there for you,
not all family cares like friends,
kisses are sweet,except when they're your last,
then they have a lonely after taste,
thoughts are secrets waiting to be told,
your eyes whisper them,
writing,an expression of thoughts and feelings,
look at it and you will see the writer's deepest fears,
fear,just a block in the road of life,
courage,a bulldozer through it,
so have no fears,
and you'll get through it,
like there's nothing to it,

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