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Religion Ought to be in Schools

By winton, Brooklyn, NY

Lexi S, author of “Prayer Ought to be in Schools,” has apparently forgotten to read some very key parts of the Constitution. She says that Christianity was the very basis upon which our country was founded, and that it is what can “save” America” from its downward spiral. According to her, it is God who has helped to guide us to where we are today.

Words cannot begin to describe how much I disagree with her. The Founding Fathers clearly called for a separation of church and state, no matter what their personal beliefs may have been. If Christianity is to be instituted in school, then what is there to stop the government from going a step further? Why not force everyone to go to church? Persecute all who do not follow that religion? America was founded not on the principles of Jesus Christ, but on equality, which includes religious equality.

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