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wishes of you

By taylor1226, hilliard, OH

make a wish,
it can be for anything,
mine was to be happy,
I found you,
there's a shooting star,
i wish for you never to stray too far,
there's birthday candles,another one,
I wish for our love to never be done,
genie brings three more,
I wish I'm the one you adore,
I wish you'll never walk out that door,
I wish to you I'll never be a bore,
you tell me you don't need the wishes,
you've found all you need in me,
when ever you miss me,pretend to kiss me,
I'm as happy as can be,
just always be mine,
and life will be fine,

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2 comment(s)
This is really cute! I really loved when you said "You tell me you don't need wishes...". I like this a lot, aside from one little itty bitty criticism: The line "I wish to you I'll never be a bore" seems forced, like you could probably write a better fitting line in place of it. Regardless, I really liked this! :)
Apr. 28, 2013 at 4:52 PM • Report
This is such a sweet and simple poem! You described that feeling perfectly... how when you like someone you're so excited, and yet you almost don't believe it's true and wish that it won't end. Very nicely done. (And if you wanted to comment on any of my work, I wouldn't mind!)
Apr. 28, 2013 at 2:18 PM • Report