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Julia N., chardon, OH By flyingpinkgiraffes, chardon, OH

Before I even began watching Casablanca, I had already viciously stereotyped it based on the countless terrible “old movies” I’d unwillingly been made to watch in school. I was fully expecting bad actors, cheesy comedy, and a storyline either too complicated to understand or too dull to pay any attention to. However, I was presented with an unexpectedly powerful movie complete with genius delivery of lines on the actor’s part and an intriguing, well- woven plot that kept me interested from beginning to end.

In so many ways, one could say that there’s nothing special about Casablanca. It was made during a time when it was not uncommon for a studio to make three or four movies in a year. No special effects or new cutting edge technology was used, and you could say that the star actors themselves didn’t even want to be in it.

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