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This Night, Forever

By emattox, Onancock, VA

The stars twinkle and I look over.
His smile warms my heart, and soon our faces are one
We both blush, our faces equally red in color.
I know we both wish this night would never be done.

The blanket of dew on the night-colored grass
Causes me to shiver and his strong arm to tense,
The fleece of the neglected blanket we are no longer able to surpass.
Ever so gently, he wraps it around my body, his expression intense.

“I love you, with all of my heart,” he whispers, looking at the stars.
A shiver of a different kind runs through my bones,
“There is no place I would rather be,” I breathe, knowing the world is ours.
He smiles and we gaze at the sky, content with silence and pondering the unknowns.

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