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Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Ariel_Greyse, Hale, MO

Shakespeare hates me.
Honestly. He does.
“How artfully thine has twisted
and poisoned,
how skillfully thine has polluted my tongue,
and blistered and boiled with an articulate witch's brew,
what I wielded like an ink-soaked (albeit feminine) sword!”

Yes, Willy, I cuss like I use toothpaste.
Don't hate me.
“I am amused by the sinful way I am a
blossoming muse.
I am no one's back-alley knitting partner –
I am a man!
Who are thee to deny me my craft?
Sweet vermin maid, I left my Anne more than the bed.”

Oh, Bill! Seriously.
I'm a wayward daughter seeking approval.

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