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Ellen A., Akeley, MN By EarthAngel, Akeley, MN

His hot breath is screaming in my ear. I try to run but all I can do is trip and stumble. He picks me up with a heartbreaking look in his eye. I writhe under his grip and he slowly turns me around. His rosy cheeks were painted with blood and his white beard was made of little children’s bones. As he gasps, I see my sister’s red ribbon between his white, jagged teeth. I scream, but no sound comes out. He squeezes my frail, feminine body until I can squirm no longer.
I wake to a searing pain coming from my head. I open my eyes to find myself lying face first on the ground, next to my bed, my sheets suffocating my body. Sweating, I quickly tear the sheets away from me to catch my breath. I look around the room to acknowledge my surroundings. My room seems to be in order. No intruders. I stand up and turn on my light. I think about going to Mom’s room and sleeping with her.

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