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By Zachisme, Danville, VT

    I knew I should be afraid, but for some reason I was happy. I brushed hair from my eyes, it was windy up here at the top. Usually I was afraid of heights, but all I had wanted since I was a kid was to go sky diving. In a way today I was, just without the airplane and parachute. It seemed good to me that I would be fulfilling my one wish on my last day. If I was going to die it may as well be on my own terms. I leaped…         The wind made my hair fly up as my body tumbled in the air, yet it was a peaceful thing. I smiled, falling was amazing,  I turned over and over in this bitter cold air. The icy wind blew me up and around, like it was an angry being. I laughed at the ground, what was to be afraid of? I seemed to tumble and fall faster now. I had beaten my fear of death, maybe it was because now, it was on My terms, I was the boss.

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