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Propaganda pretender

November 8, 2011

By Aubrie, Lancaster, OH

We cannot be sucked into this black hole
Of different personalities
Two-faced, they lie to you,
Your spirit is lost without a trace

Why must you lose yourself?
Are things simply too good to pass up?
Can you not resist it,
The urge, the unrelenting temptation

I cannot save you, no I cannot pull you through
It seems as if you're down with anything
Do you not understand what I tell you?
Do you believe them foremost?
Scars are left behind,
Proof of your mental wounds
You won't fall into roses
You'll only feel the stinging thorns

I am not like the others
They will shoot me while you hinder
As you conceal yourself with the rest of society
You could've taken a stand
But it was too much to risk.


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