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By cheerinchick95, Harker Heights, TX

What is a major stress in your life?: Dealing with a family loss due to deployment. What is something your thankful for as a teen?: Freedom in the U.S. The moment of reality hit when I received the surveys from the students. Time after time each teenager said the same exact thing. As if the war was molding each and every one of us in the same way. The younger generations of America bearing the true and everlasting scars of the war overseas in the Middle East. Kids in elementary school up to teenagers about to graduate have all been affected and carry the similar views. On top of the normal pressures a society puts on us we are faced to deal with the stress of worrying about loved ones fighting for their lives as well as our country. The media giving us access to whats really happening and also heightening every one's absolute worst fear. Everyday just as a natural thought in our lives, we tend to think about the possibility of terrorists, especially remembering back to the tragic 9/11.

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