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How to Train Your Dragon This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Maddy S., Cannon Falls, MN

I say “sit” and my eager puppy drops her bottom to the floor. I give my horse a nudge with my heel and he takes the hint and begins to move. I call to my dragon and … wait, I don't really have a pet dragon, but after watching the suspenseful, heart-tugging movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” I wish I did.

Hiccup, a scrawny young Viking, grows up in a place where dragons are known as dangerous countryside pests. The way to win fame and respect within the community is to fight and kill dragons and to do it well. For Hiccup, this couldn't be more difficult. Know as the town clown, he tries to make a mark for himself by capturing and killing the most feared, never-before-caught dragon, the Night Fury. In attempting to do so, Hiccup has the adventure of a lifetime.

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