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Autumn Rambles This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

Meg K., Flemington, NJ By HisPurePrincess, Flemington, NJ

how much do you wonder
before you uncross your legs
move across the expanse
with the wind at your back
the silence like a movie
the twilight like a song
the leaves crunching under your feet
like good-byes that only end at the first snowfall

I wonder at the evergreen
my hair hanging down and arms stretched out
across the field of fallen blossoms
still alive
till sweetly singing
the song like moonlight
the dusk like an ending
the smell of dirty chocolate in the air that calls, calls you home

is it autumn or a dream?
I could not say
but after shadows fall
the song still lingers in the moment
the ever-after promises of frost

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