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past memeories....

By abrouche, zaghouan, Tunisia

It's dark and everyone are asleep.silence is all over the place. shadows of the past moves fast throw her mind.she walks in the street all by her self.alone with no one to talk or to speak.flying with the wind her long hair softly kisses her cheeks and makes a beautiful image under the moon light.her tears dancing on her face getting so slowly out of her sad eyes.sorrow covers her and gives her a dramatic look.she keeps walking in the street looking to the stars thinking of her past.the shame that she feels inside is killing her slowly.the memory of that day reminds her of what she use to be.the reality that she keeps avoiding appears clearly in this night. under the stars and the shining moon the truth looks very ugly and painful.she's been hiding her feelings so long that no one ever suspects of anything.but now she can no longer keep doing that she needs to confess to her self.

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