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FRAGILE: This side up

November 2, 2011

Amy P., Gilbert, AZ By Pamplemousse, Gilbert, AZ

Oh how fragile is our existence.
Destruction and ruin only pinpricks away.
So easily broken and cracked:
A mirror, a glass, a child, an egg, a life.
Just one step and over a cliff,
Just one slip of the hand and it's gone. One click of a button can kill a million,
destroy cities and towns.
The frailty of humans is a curious thing:
Feelings so easily hurt,
Friends so easily vanished,
Hearts so easily broke.
Yet, How do we become stronger is the question I have yet to answer.
Perhaps life and time shall bring us the answer,
But, perhaps (and this the most terrifying of all)
there is no answer .
We shall never be strong, never
rise up out of the destruction.

Fragile we are,
and Fragile we shall remain.


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