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Sacrifices on the Road Less Traveled

By MadisonL, Rapid City, SD

What causes a person to grow and develop as a human being? One of the things that helps each person come into their own is the sacrifices that they have to make during their life. Sacrifices are one of those things that are kind of a given. At some point in a person’s life they will have to give something up that they didn’t want to. This can come in many different forms whether it is giving up bread because you want to be healthy or giving away your dog because he isn’t allowed at the apartment. Sometimes people make sacrifices in one area of their life in an attempt to try and benefit another area of it. In my case, I sacrificed my normal country girl life in order to accomplish my hopes and dreams of becoming an actress. In this essay I will be discussing the personal sacrifices I have had to make in this crazy journey of moving to Los Angeles and trying to accomplish my dreams of an acting career.

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