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Wasp (Close The Door.)

By sunshine7223, Holdenville, OK

I seen you flying around outside,
black and yellow, and two eyed.
Sting me once, sting me twice, I thought I knew.
I thought I'd already been here, didn't have a clue.
That one day, I'd be sitting here,
and you would be so near.
Buzzing around, all around the porch,
It's a distance, but I see the flaming torch.
So far away now, this is where I'm left,
I'll look down, and save my breath.
But I can justify, sting me once more,
you won't, the rain used to poor.
Now there's scattered showers, it's clearing,
I can see, the dawn of my life is nearing.
Pesky little wasp, won't you fly away?

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