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Magic of the Fall This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Jacob G, Jenkintown, PA

Glued erect; memorized
A tranquil gaze of this world within a world.
The boy's shrill laughter flooded my ears, as he swam across the ground.
And my heart stopped in the sweetness of climax
when his feet left the earth,
his golden hair
swaying to the mercy of the wind.
His feet touched first
Then his legs and knees, until his body dipped into the mound of faded hue
And then he vanished,
Swallowed by the withered brass of
sweltered life.
And there I stood
As the sun slipped beneath the horizon and stars gripped the skies
and I waited
until the silhouette of a man
emerged from the swollen pile

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