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How has the Bible affected my close community?

By Rhinos, Saigon, Viet Nam

Surrounding the area of Gia Dinh in Saigon, Vietnam lies a spiritually active community hosting a multitude of churches, the entrance to Saigon for many migrants. Owing to the historic Gia Dinh church located in the middle of Ba Chieu market- literally a vibrant market outside its gate. This church was central to religious activities in my community . I also happen to attend Regina Mundi convent for my religious education classes on Sundays, another rustic but historically rich chapel in the city, unknown to most people. And the focal point of these organization is one object- the Holy Bible. Everyone in the church circle tries to follow it. The impacts are varied in a different selection of subjects I have talked to. And so, I have disembarked on a personal journey to find out more about this book, the impacts it can carry, in terms of lifestyle, decision and in thoughts.

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