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Another Place, Another Time

By stargirl1331, Dexter, MI

“Let’s just go home, this party sucks,” Tiffany slurred. This was the third party this week that had been awful; all frat boys and their weird friends. I don’t know why Tiff had thought this one would be any better. I opened my mouth to agree with her, but realized she wouldn’t have been able to hear me over the sudden burst of noise. I held up a finger to tell her I’d be back in a second, then left to find James. I could see him from across the entire room, since he was a good four inches taller than everyone else. Snatching his arm, I snuck in a kiss and, practically screaming in his ear, told him that we were leaving. He nodded and took my hand. We fought our way out to our car, grabbing Tiff from her perch on a ratty sofa on the way. She got the rest of our group together, and we made our way toward our cars.

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