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Roman Architecture: The Tower of Hercules

By Trixie.B.Rose, Boulder, CO

Location: Coruna, Spain, once known as Brigantia, Rome.
The Tower of Hercules is an ancient Roman light houses said to be built in the late 1st century BC or the beginning of the 2nd century BC, and is about 1900 yrs old. It is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world. It stands about 185ft tall, it is said to be modeled after the Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria. The design of the lighthouse is of Phoenician origin, built by the architect Gaius Sevius Lupus and dedicated to the god of war Mars. Said to be built under the Roman emperor Trajan, it was a key factor in Roman goods coming into safely Brigantia, Rome’s harbor. The lighthouse has been used for a long time to direct traffic coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.
Many myths have been made about this spectacular lighthouse. One is that the Lighthouse is said to be a top all of Hercules slain enemies.

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