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Home Again

By SweetTart, Monclova, OH

She strutted through the airport with an upmost confidence, her red stilettos weaving through the crowds and her long raincoat trailing behind her. It fell to a standstill when she reached the airport tramstation. The woman stood, waiting for the doors to open, with a confidence about her as she sported a sheik looking purse and sparkling necklace. She boarded the tram, and wound her brightly painted nails around the pole. The look on her face didn’t match what she was feeling inside. She became scared that the person pressed close up against her could feel the beating of her heart. Realizing how silly this was, the woman pursed her lips and nervously tucked her hair behind her ear. The tram halted to a stop and she impatiently tried to push her way through the crowd of people.

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