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The Noble Science of Self-Justification

By JoannaBanana, Edison, NJ

I am often accused of neglect in several of my imposed responsibilities, including tidying my room, making my bed every day, doing my homework on time, and sleeping, on the grounds of procrastination. However, these are all my own concerns about which I am generally content, so it offends me greatly that others, namely my parents and peers, feel the need to take it upon themselves to intervene where there is no need and no grounds for blame.

Firstly, I affirm that my own room is my own domain, and that I may therefore do with it as I very well please. Others claim the value of an organized and clear workspace, that things should all be tucked away into their respective compartments in order to be easily found when they are needed. But perhaps I am able to find things just as well, thank you, when they are all in their own places sprawled out on my desk.

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