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Scream!! ( Full Version)

Eron L., Torrington, WY By classof20142121, Torrington, WY

Verse One: I know what your feeling like doing right now your feeling like throwing your self down and pounding at the ground . But that wont make you feel any better so you'll throw your self in a corner and cry your self to sleep. All you want is to feel something again to feel like your self again. But it seems like anything you do doesn't help. But I have something that you have been looking for . Something that will make you feel okay again .

Chores : SCREAM! let it all out it will turn out someday somehow. SCREAM! Let it all show, dont worry no one will ever know just scream.

Verse two : I know what you are thinking about doing right now , your thinking about running home and ending it all .

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