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Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson

By Lilies, Columbus, NJ

Nearly every child that is born into a family of more than one kid is bound to feel jealous of their siblings at one point. However, these normal childhood moments are usually brief and sporadic. This isn’t quite the case with Sara Louise Bradshaw. Louise is constantly outdone by her sister, Caroline, in everything she attempts.

Sara Louise lives on a small island named Rass, with her near perfect twin sister, a bitter grandmother, and parents whom she believes love Caroline in a way that they could never love her. Her friend Call, who she describes as “pudgy” and “totally unsentimental”, also plays a big part in her life. He is often the one who listens to her stories and jokes…even though he might not always get them. This story shows how often Louise is outshined by her sister and how she begins to overcome it.

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