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Purple This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Prometheus, East Aurora, NY

My shoes are purple. Not because I want to stand out, but because then I am not taken too seriously. This is necessary since I am very shy in public, and few classmates have seen me smile. My shoes are purple and shiny, with pink stripes running along the sides. Not because I have no taste, but because they make me laugh.

This year I am in Drama class. I rarely speak in public. My acting is an embarrassment. But I have watched other classes perform, and they always make me smile. I want to be with them, up on stage in my shiny purple shoes, laughing at myself. And maybe someday I will learn to speak in public. Maybe I will ­become an actor. But for now I will just get comfortable. On the stage under the heat of the spotlights with my purple shoes shining, I will smile.

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