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Swimmer's Song

By WALL-E, Portland, OR

The girl grumbles and growls gloomily.
Her hair hangs in hanks around her face.
Silently she slips her suit from the floor,
The green garb glittering and glinting in the dawn.
The sleek, silent straps snap over her collarbone,
Bleak black borders her brawny back,
Tangled tendrils tumble from her ponytail, but
She commands them to create a comely braid
While defiant water droplets drip between her toes.
Her careful cap forms a clean line
And encloses the elegant outline of her ears.
She sighs and shakes her shoulders,
Stretching strong and stalwart legs.
Grimly she glances through gleaming goggles at the pool,
Where stout arms churn wild waves,

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