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Moment Before Deliciousness

December 9, 2011

By queer_fish, San Antonio, TX

Hypnotic, scrumptious, alluring chocolate cake,
Tempting me with its flirtatious aroma
Taunts me, knowing I must wait to devour it.
I tune out the sounds of obnoxious birthday music,
Laughter, and my own heavy breathing
As I stare, entranced, at my lip-smacking prey.

My mouth begins to water
My eyes open wide in anticipation
My hands tense in eagerness
And my breath comes to a halt,
Stopped mid-exhalation
As I hear the last verse
Of the insufferable birthday song.

The time for delight finally arrives.
The mound of brown, mouthwatering
Gobs of delectable goodness
Is at last in my grasp.

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