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Im on Fire

By Cody_Goelz, Fort Wayne, IN

Im on fire better call a fire drill
Im on top of the world call that king of the hill
I am trying to make the best of this situation im in
Keep myself from ending up in the pin
God put me in these shoes to wear’em
I look at these haterz stare’em in the face
I want to see pain in their eyes like I hittem with mace
Just because im different don’t give you the right to judge me
This world needs diversity as far as I can see
So ima be different no matter what you say
An hop that im accepted to god I pray
I may walk around wearing them baggy jeans
That doesn’t mean I’m a loser doing nothing but smoking on greens
I aint nothing but a lyrical phene that does nothing but live
Not really the average life I tend to give

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